doriana diaz


Doriana Gabrielle Diaz is an afro-latina female creative, vessel, visionary, curator, author, poet, & collage/visual artist. Doriana is currently based in Philadelphia. She uses her art forms to harness and express her most authentic & vulnerable self.

You can view her skills and creative experience here.

Doriana recently self-published her first collection of poetry, mami calls me gabriella, which was released in mid-October of 2018. she will be releasing her second collection of poetry sunphases, a co-created collection with herself & Dakotah Aiyana in early 2019. Doriana’s writings have also been featured on various prestigious black female wellness blogs such as Black Girl Magik & We Heal Too: Alternative Healing, which you can access under the writing tab.

Doriana also uses collage as a vehicle of self-expression, she has recently begun to sell her pieces in various spaces. Her collages are up for sale at The Sable Collective, a black-owned boutique in North Philadelphia. Doriana’s collages often combine her poetry with vivid images to represent the afro-latina & black female experience.

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