gentle with myself series



the gentle with myself series encapsulates three chapters of different community efforts toward tenderness in both private and sacred spaces. capturing these moments are vital for both curators as we emphasis the reliance on each element. its significance, outside of aesthetic & beauty, propels narratives, shared connection, experiences, tenderness, & truth in visual & verbal representation. love is the seed, the sunlight, & the water that blooms us. generating connections is what keeps our stories alive. 

you can view each individual volume of this three part series below.

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chapter L: how we turned to water

this chapter aims to affirm fluidity in the emotions other have used as ammo against us. the strength it takes to be empathic and vulnerable with ourselves are underestimated and immediately categorized as weak, but our power is unwavering. how we turned to water captures the essence of navigating through our emotions, while showing appreciation to those who wear their hearts on their sleeves.

chapter LL: how we found sunlight

this chapter focuses on the warmth of self love in spaces where tenderness & understanding are accessible. as queer folk, self acceptance serves as armor against public criticism and aversion. how we found sunlight will elevate the narratives of queer folk through exploration of undeniable self love, authentically representing the moments of pure acceptance, & tearing down expectations from other and ourselves.

chapter LLL: how we bloomed

this chapter will document nourishment we received or the lack there of from our mothers and its’ impact on the nurture we give ourselves. in opening the dialogue across generations, we emphasis mothering in values, morals, tradition, spiritual & cultural practices to determine how it has shaped out individualism. we used to question where we stemmed from, now we see how we bloomed.

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curated by

Doriana Diaz & Lois Cheaye

photography by

Sarah-Elizabeth & Crystal Anokam

clothing by

Chandler Kalitchi