gentle with myself



Gentle With Myself series encapsulates three chapters of different community efforts toward tenderness in both private and sacred spaces. Capturing these moments are vital for both curators as we emphasis the reliance on each element. Its significance, outside of aesthetic and beauty, propels narratives, shared connection, experiences, tenderness, and truth in visual and verbal representation. Love is the seed, the sunlight, and the water that blooms us. Generating connections is what keeps our stories alive. 

You can view each individual volume of this three part series by selecting them below.

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— chapter I: how we turned to water

— chapter II: how we found sunlight

— chapter III: how we bloomed

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curated by

Doriana Gabrielle Diaz + Lois Cheaye

photography by

Sarah-Elizabeth + Crystal Anokam

make up by

Vanessa Gabrielle