shange 09.24.17

by Doriana Diaz

I found god in myself too. she was hard to locate for a long time but one day she arrived inside my chest like an explosion of thunder. I felt her biting me. teeth lodged in sweat and skin. can you eat god? if so what does she taste like? she crept up along the backend of my spine, I was all unknowing. the soil was unkept. I opened my mouth anticipating her to come spilling out. but she wouldn’t budge. she knows where she wants to stay. she knows herself. she can take a lot of pain without falling apart. she can take a lot of pills without falling asleep forever. she can take a lot of abuse and mistake it for love. she changed me. she changed the way my blood runs. the way it



and calls for magic. 

I’m learning to fly, I’m learning to levitate myself. The fire starts and i drift into it.

For some reason it doesn’t burn this time. It feels warm. Inviting.

My god has another name…she who walks with lions.