the house on highland rd 08.10.18

by Doriana Diaz

It was a three story twin with a big kitchen at the end of a cul-de-sac.

It was the first place I lived without both my parents.

Outside the front door there was a short tree and hanging from the smallest branch was a moon wind-chime. 

We didn't have a tv.

In the left-hand corner of the kitchen there was a huge african basket chair. 

I used to lay in it and read while my mama cooked dinner. 

The boy next door's name was Eddie and sometimes i could hear his father beating him. 

There was a huge backyard with an outside porch and in the spring and summer time I laid on a stripped picnic blanket and watched the clouds. 

One night my mama chased all the kids from the block out of the house with a spatula. 

The room on the third floor looked like the inside of a willow tree.

In the bathroom on the second floor my mama cut my hair off with house scissors. I cried for three days straight.

The house used to get so much light i always felt like i was glowing.